Canada Fine Parts and Supplies specializes in steel, aluminum, nail, screw, staple, metal parts which are mainly used in construction, building,roofing, automotive,furniture, metal fabricators, pallet, window and door industries.

Canada Fine Parts and Supplies is a dynamic, growth-oriented company that continues to provide exceptional value to our customers, employees and shareholders. We have taken the best of our heritage, strength and success and redefined our company to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Our customers are our partners, and our commitment is to provide
them with the most economical solution that will meet their needs.​

We are committed to always having the most customer – service oriented staff in the industry. Each service representative has the knowledge and experience to listen, advise, and meet deadlines consistently and economically. We are always dedicated to providing the highest quality products and service, meeting our clients need for quality, on-time products. Anything less than always is just not who we are.